Technology for human well-being instit​​​​​​​ute (HumanTech)

The "Technology for Human Well-being" Institute aims at improving the quality of life and well-being of humans thanks to the ingenious use of new technologies, in order to strengthen their abilities as individuals, as well as members of an increasingly dynamic, nomadic and globalized society. The Institute promotes the development of innovative solutions for the implementation of an intelligent society concept, otherwise known as the “Smart Society”, a co-evolution of technologies and society in order to address societal challenges with an in-terdisciplinary approach. The Institute has the mission to carry out research in specific and transversal sectors, at the intersection of technological, economic and human sciences

Core competences

The emergence of the knowledge society, based on the omnipresent influence of infor-mation and communication technologies (ICT), has triggered a fundamental change in our society and economy. This evolution raises strategic issues for our society, such as:

  • Ageing of the population as well as the mental, social and physical well-being of the population
  • Environment protection and its surveillance from the point of view of sustainability
  • Innovative, participatory, safe and solidary societies, which are respectful of citizens and economy
  • Universal and reliable services with transparent access, open to resources and global data.

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