​​Advanced Interfaces and Smart Spaces

This axis is related to the design and development of smart every day technologies that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people and that can improve human well-being by making it possible for people to interact with their environment in a seamless, trustworthy and natural manner.

Keywords : Multimodal Interaction, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Internet of Things, Intelligent and Adaptative Systems, Multimedia Processing

Information Management and Intelligent Data Analysis

This axis refers to the process of modeling, retrieving, visualizing and transforming data with the goal of highlighting useful information, suggesting conclusions and supporting decision-making.

Keywords : Intelligent Data Analysis, Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Multimedia Processing, Advanced Information Systems, Semantic Technologies, Ontologies, Web Engineering, Information Visualisation, Information Retrieval, Linked Data, Intelligent Information Management Systems

Product and Service Design

This axis refers to the design and development of high quality interactive systems and products that are compatible with people and their ways of living.

Keywords : User Centered Design, Interaction Design, User Evaluation, Usability Test, Ergonomics, Participatory design

The application domains of our research and development activities cover: «Home and Entertainment», «Office and Business», «Nomadism and Mobility», «Health and Well-being», «Smart City».

Social and economic components for each application domain are investigated in collaboration with our partners.​