​​Student projects

As a part of their courses' assessment students are often required to elaborate a project connected to the contents of the course. Below you can find examples of projects elaborated within the framework of Master courses.

Engineering of distributed architectures

P2P and Research of distributed information

by Olivier Bohrer, Alexandre Péclat, Raynald Seydoux, Dominic Lukas Wyler
The target of the project is to create a P2P application based on the framework analysed in the bibliographical study.

Distributed databases (2009)
by Joël Dumoulin, Sébastien Grognuz, Damien Vionnet
The objective of the project is to implement a distributed information system for a sale company, which manages several selling points.

High performance distributed computing (2009)
by David Currat, Sébastien Gumy, Julien Jeanneret
The target of this study is to analyse different tools and languages used in the domain of parallel and distributed high performance computing (HPC).

Mobile distributed applications and Internet of things by Julien Schenevey and Andrea Vaccani We will define a system, which will make it possible to make the physical world correspond with the virtual world, where a user will have access to all the information series, as well as a possibility to interact with his/her data, either by modifying them or creating new ones.

Model driven architecture
by Hans Wilh. Schwendimann, Beat Wolf
In this project we will look into the MDA approach for application development; afterwards we will present and compare several tools, which enable the MDA development, to later choose a tool which we will use to develop a little test application.

Multimodal interfaces

Nao piloting
by Joël Dumoulin, Julien Jeanneret, Beat Wolf, Dominic Wyler
This project established as its main target to implement a small-scape system, which enables the interaction of several modalities; it also aims at incorporating certain principles, which were discussed in the theoretical part of the course. The goal is to pilot Nao robot with the help of two Wiimotes.

CMARL - Collaborative Multimodal Augmented Reality Labyrinth
by Frédéric Barras, Reynald Seydoux, Didier Perroud
Collaborative interactions in Cboard (communication panel) are the topic, which we chose for this project. Interactions taken into account are of a middle-distance type. A user is close to the panel surface, but not enough to be able to touch it, consequently he/she has to interact via an external mobile device. Our project should offer multimodal interactions to a user. The main constraint in our topic was therefore the question of using gesture interaction.

by Gérôme Bovet, David Currat, Sébastien Gumy, Alexandre Péclat
The target of this project is to make it possible for users to place virtual furniture in a real room with the help of his/her mobile phone. He/she can research in a catalogue, place articles in the room and see what is convenient for him/her. Afterwards a user can directly order the furniture of his/her choice at the seller.

Management of IT Projects

Quantum SA (2011
by Matthieu Barras, Jérôme Fischer, Adrien Giner
Our goal is to reduce the average duration of an analysis by 30% in one year.
The goal of this project is to increase the operational efficiency of analysis and enhance the elaboration of documentation by providing an automated system, which is available to the customers through a web application.

ABBF SA Baubit Pro
by Carlo Criniti, Claudio Pimpao, Grégory Ruch
In two years, ABBF will have a new software, which will represent a long-lasting and progressive solution and will make it possible to foster customers' loyalty, increase the share on Swiss market, gain access to the European markets and save 50% of maintenance costs.
Company ABBF is the owner of an obsolete product, which is not technologically supported anymore. ABBF has to update its product in order to preserve its leader position on the Swiss market. The best solution to adopt for the new development is a standalone programme based on Microsoft .NET technology. The method of project management will be RUP and the development will use a subset of agile AUP methods.

Manor WebFoodShop (2011)
by Sébastien Baudin, Martin Maillard, Julien Tscherrig
This project plans to increase by 15% the number of clients who shop online and foster their loyalty by 10% during the first year, the return on investment should be 25% by the end of the second year.
This document presents and justifies the necessity of elaboration of an online shopping project for perishable commodities with the possibility of clients' traceability.

HomeNet SARL - iPhone project (2011)
by Elias Capito, Raphael Guye, Jonathan Neuhaus
HomeNet SARL is a unique Swiss company, which develops web solutions for real estate brokerage of small and middle-sized companies. These solutions enable managers to control the sale and the location of their real estate goods through a personalised web portal. Since this portal exists, visitors can search for real estate goods, visualise their files and ask company managers for more details. The new application should enable HomeNet to stabilise its market share and stay competitive. It should also bring an increase in reactivity of management employees, so that they would be able to quickly present alternatives to their clients.

Symfact AG (2011)
by Yavuz Durukan, Ashish Sinha, Gautam Srivastava

The main emphasis of the project is to create a standard application for contract and risk management providing basic template for contract and risk management, which would be helpful in providing quick and easy solutions to the end users.

iPreFinance (2011)
by Damien Vionnet, Dominic Wyler, David Zanella

The project will be successful if, in one year, we will offer services, which will satisfy increasing demands of our young clients and which will bring an increase of 50% in customer loyalty.
The principal objective of PreFinance is to respond to the increasing demands of clients and increase customer loyalty. Strategy adopted for attaining this target is to come up with a smartphone application for mobile banking.

User Experience Design - A Pragmatic Approach

Community TV
by Gérôme Bovet, Alexandre Péclat, Hans Schwendimann, Raynald Seydoux
Community TV projects aims at making television interactive and communitarian. Nowadays, there are many community websites, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. We would like to apply this principle of communitarianism and exchange of opinions to the domestic television.

Contact at a distance and telepresence
by Frédéric Barras, Joël Dumoulin, Didier Perroud, Beat Wolf
In this project we will try to propose an innovative design based on interviews with users, when we asked them about the current state of art in this sector. Application, which we will design, is a programme for online discussion, which enables two or more people to communicate via webcam, microphone and keyboard and to exchange documents online.

Improvement on an industrial measuring system with UXD techniques - MESSPLATZ
by Stéphane Borloz, Denis Elsig, Damien Vionnet, Dominic Wyler
In our project we will use UXD tools to improve the interface of an existing industrial measuring system. This measuring system is situated at Micro Crystal AG in Grenchen, a subsidiary of Swatch Group.