Moving TourCompanion towards cross-platform

Changes over the fields of computer science and mobile applications nowadays imply that companies have to deal with legacy systems. Technological renewal requires operative reactions to technology changes in order to defend the market position against competitors, who offer more modern solutions. In the framework of this project we went through a whole reengineering process, which was based on an outdated, undocumented legacy system. As new mobile platforms take the position of a market leader, the target application has to be able to run on both Android and iOS operation systems. In order to reduce the development time and maintenance costs, we chose to work with cross-platform frameworks. We also pointed out the state of the art in software reengineering, which allowed us to use a proven approach to reengineer our application. At the end, we obtained a target system running on Android and iOS with 99% of common code.
Student: Gérôme Bovet
Year: 2012



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