6th sense

6th sense project aims at developing a generic framework for mobile augmented reality systems (i.e. systems that deal with the combination of real-world and computer-generated data). The framework has to combine augmented reality techniques with multimodal interaction (such as voice and gesture recognition).


augmented reality, head-mounted display, intelligent environment, human computer interaction, multimodal interaction, information visualisation, etc.


A prototype has been developed within the framework of the project. The prototype is composed of a HMD (head mounted display) equipment (see Fig.1). Using the HMD equipment it is possible to observe the real environment enriched with virtual information (Fig.2 and 3). In Fig. 3, for instance, the user wearing the HDM equipment can see the table (real object) augmented with a 3D virtual image of a house (Fig.2b augmented scene), the other user (not wearing an augmented reality system) is able to see only the table (Fig.2a real scene). Several applications, integrating some vocal or gestural interactions have been developed baed on this equipment (game application, augmented browser, etc.). Demos available soon on the website http://www.interactive-surface.ch

Website of the project


Project Information

Finished project, duration 2 years (2006-2008), financed by the Hasler Foundation.