The objective of the APHRODITE-GLANCE project consists in the realization of an interactive store front. A head capable of reproducing one dozen human expressions such as "to laugh", "to cry"," to get angry ", "to blush", etc, is inside this interactive store front. This project was presented at the Darwin21 competition (www.darwin21.ch).


human-computer interaction, smart environments, human feelings, etc.


An interactive store front (Fig. 1) containing an animated picture representing the “Venus” (Botticelli) has been developed. She is able to reproduce 12 human expressions. Aphrodite can be controlled through a touch screen integrated into the store front, through the website of the project as well as through a mobile phone (Bluetooth connexion). Aphrodite won the second price at the Darwin21 competition. Interactive demos available on the website.

Website of the project


Project Information

Finished project, duration 10 months (2007), financed by the EIA-FR  and SAIA Burgess.