Au Jour le jour (Day by day)

Developed in collaboration with a research groups at the HEdS, this project is part of the Swiss implementation of the “AEMMA program” that aims to optimize the management of stress for caregivers of people living at home with dementia. The feasibility study involves two groups of caregivers in Geneva and Fribourg. From the technical point of view, the goal was to develop a mobile application to simplify the daily data collection. The application allows the user to accomplish daily tasks exploiting multi-touch and voice interfaces explicitly designed for elderly people. Furthermore, the application allows data-sharing and remotely monitoring the participants’ engagement within the program.
Goal: develop a mobile application to simplify data collection The application will allow to recognize and record the responses of users by exploiting a touch and voice interface designed for elderly people. Simplify the sharing and centralization of data.​


multidisciplinary approach, service design, web application, mobile interface, healthcare


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