COALA: Content-Oriented Audiovisual Library Access

The project’s objective is to design and implement a digital audio-visual library system for TV broadcasters and video archive owners with facilities to provide effective content-oriented access to internal and external end-users. Users require powerful mechanisms that allow accessing audiovisual data based on the rich information which is contained in the content rather than the traditional retrieval methods based on a set of bibliographical descriptions


information retrieval, semantic web, search engine, ontology, etc.


Two applications have been developed:
  • The LogCreator, which is an application for semi-automatic indexing of audio-visual document content, based on an a-priori automatic detection of shots.
  •  The StlML, which is an application allowing the translation of teletext subtitle information from the EBU binary format into an XML format. The XML format can then be used either by the LogCreator or by the Television organizations who need to access to teletext subtitle information for different reasons. Demos are available on the website.

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