Gérontopôle Fribourg/Freiburg

Gérontopôle Fribourg/Freiburg is an exchange platform that gathers competence centers and service organizations active in fields dealing with the issue of aging population in the canton of Fribourg. Driven by an ideal of social cohesion between generations, the Gérontopôle wants to boost an interdisciplinary, scientific and practical reflection on the issues of aging and solidarity between generations so that applications and field activities, current and future, will correspond as closely as possible to the values, needs and resources of the Fribourg society. By means of the Cantonal observatory on aging issues, the Gérontopôle connects reflections, questions and current researches of all its members in all areas involving aging topics: health and psychology, ethics and philosophy, social work, engineering and information technology, economics and management, sociology and urban geography, urban planning and architecture.


aging population, interdisciplinary approach, competence center


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Project partners: Pro Senectute Fribourg, Association fribourgeoise des institutions pour personnes âgées (AFIPA-VFA), Fédération fribourgeoise des retraités, Croix-Rouge fribourgeoise, Haute Ecole de Santé, Haute Ecole de Travail Social, Ecole d'ingénieurs et d'architectes, Institut interdisciplinaire d'éthique et des droits de l'Homme de l'Université de Fribourg