Swiss population is more and more attentive to the environmental dimension of its behaviour. Apart from the ecological concerns, people are also interested in reducing their energy consumption in order to save money on energies. Green-Line is a platform composed of intelligent electric plugs, which are able to communicate through the electric network of a house without having to pull new cables or installing radio transmitters. The sensors installed in each plug will send information to a central application, which will propose to the user a set of actions leading to the reduction of energy consumption in the proportion varying from 10 to 30 per cent. With a weak energy consumption, low costs and without generating electromagnetic pollution, the Green-Line platform represents a possible alternative to traditional home automation networks. ​​​​​​​


environment, ecology, energy consumption reduction, Green-Bee, home automation sensor, Green-Com, Green-App, energy management


The project is managed by a multidisciplinary team organized in 4 activity domains:
Green-Bee: electronics of intelligent electric plugs
Green-Com: communication protocols and robust routing between plugs
Green-App: applications which exploit data recovered from the Green-Bee plugs
Green-Biz: market analysis and models for future exploitation of the technology

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Ongoing project, started in 2009. Joint collaboration of the Colleges of western Switzerland (HES-SO Vaud - HEIG-VD, HES-SO Valais, HES-SO HE-Arc Neuchâtel), advise committee composed of industrial representants.