HESTIA - Home Energy Signals Toward Intelligent Applications

The idea of the PhD thesis HESTIA (Home Energy Signals Toward Intelligent Applications) is to exploit signals acquired from different sensors distributed in the electricity plugs of a house to monitor and pilot the electric appliances and the heating system. The sensors used in this project are able to detect presence in rooms, to measure the temperatures and to measure the active power consumed by the plug. Algorithms for signal normalization, signal processing and signal modelling will be proposed with the ultimate goal of a more efficient, more comfortable control of house appliances and heating. Other applications in the area of home security (smart intrusion detection, elderly surveillance, etc.) and home entertainment (smart messaging, media centre control, etc.) would also benefit from this framework.


Green Computing (Green-IT & IT-for-Green), Machine Learning, Pattern Classification, Signal Processing


Algorithm demonstrators and reports for evaluation and validation.

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Project Information

Ongoing project, PhD thesis, duration 3 years (2011 - 2014).