INTER-FACE, Interactive Surfaces

Inter-face project deals with the issue of transforming everyday objects, such as a table or a mirror, into interactive surfaces that can be used to access and manipulate digital information. This is done by seamlessly combining several interaction technologies (for object identification as well as finger localization and tracking) into a framework that provides an abstraction layer for easily developing applications based on these technologies without taking into account specific features of the surface.​​ ​​


intelligent environment, human computer interaction, multimodal interaction, RFID, acoustic technology, optical technology, tangible interface, etc.


​several prototypes have been developed within the framework of the project; two of them are shown in the Figure b below. They are two interactive tables integrating different technologies. The table on the bottom integrates RFID technology (mono-reader for single-object identification), visual tags (for camera-based object identification), optical technology combined with the visual tags (for finger tracking) and vocal command. The table on the top integrates acoustic technology (for finger positioning), RFID technology (multi-tag reader for multiple-object identification) and optical technology (for finger positioning and tracking). Several applications have been developed to validate the two prototypes (TicTacToe game, instruments player, photo browser, pongs game, etc.).

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​Ongoing project, financed by the HES-SO​