End-users routinely produce massive amounts of digital information thanks to an ever-increasing range of sophisticated hardware devices and software platforms. Once created, their data is stored locally on a particular device or remotely on a proprietary platform. Related pieces of content are hence inevitably scattered across a collection of digital silos that prevent the sharing, the cross-pollination, and the long-term archival of the various pieces of information. MEMOR1ES is an open platform enabling data denizens to reclaim their digital life and to preserve and integrate all the data they daily produce in a versatile, durable, secure, and semantically rich digital store.


Digital preservation, peer production, metadata enrichment, personal information integration


We propose an integrated software platform, which would empower end-users in two distinct ways. Firstly, it solves the governance problem by letting end users access and adaptively repatriate their data and meta-data kept captive on heterogeneous devices and cloud platforms to the location of their choosing. Secondly, it syntactically and semantically aligns all data and meta-data to offer a single, virtual and integrated query end-point that can be used by the end-users to visualize, search and manage all their information using only one interface.

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In cooperation between the EIA-FR, EPFL and Hasler Foundation.