MediCoordination - Swiss health care system and electronic patient records

Interoperability and data exchange between partners in the health sector is seen as one of the important domains that can improve health care processes and, in the long run, also decrease costs of the health care system. Data exchange can assure that patient’s data is as complete as possible in order to avoid potential mistreatment and repeated examinations. On the other hand, health-related data is a sensible matter for many people and its security needs to be insaured to protect data against misuse. The implementation of tools allowing patients to manage their own data is equally envisaged. The MediCoordination project adopts a pragmatic approach by integrating several regional health care partners. In parallel with the Swiss eHealth strategy that is currently being elaborated by the Swiss Confederation, particularly medium-sized hospitals and external partners are targeted by the MediCoordination for implementing concrete added-value scenarios of information exchange between hospitals and external medical actors.


occupational therapy, phantom limb pain, home care, natural interaction, augmented reality, 3D modeling, eHealth, interoperable electronic health record, personal data management


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Project partners: University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO), Réseau Santé Valais Sion, Hôpital fribourgeois, LogiVal dossier médical informatisé Sierre