MEMORIA-MEA: Store, classify, search and visualize personal information

The goal of the project is to develop a PIM (Personal Information Management) system for managing multimedia content. The system will provide the user with personalized information supporting contextualized browsing and searching activities. The system will be based on existing generic indexing and classification tools and will add to those systems an additional indexing level based on a semantic model that takes into account user's profile and preferences.


HCI, smart environments, information retrieval, information visualization, semantic web, ontology, knowledge base, etc.


Several demonstrators have been developed within the framework of the project: 1) a mobile application for face detection (Fig. a); 2) an application offering multiple visualizations for different kind of media (e.g. text file, images, etc.) allowing users to easily browse and retrieve information (Fig. b); 3) an ontology-based annotation system (Fig. c); 4) a datamining application to automatically cluster data (Fig. d). Demos are available on the website.

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