NAIF - Natural Ambient Intelligence Framework

The project aims to create a framework for setting up an intelligent environment. At present, there are many electronic devices performing independent tasks in our environment. These devices do not communicate together and are therefore isolated. NAIF provides a solution to form a smart environment exploiting the capabilities of isolated devices and enabling collaborative work by attributing devices respective tasks, thus creating an activity-oriented environment.


intelligent environment, ambient intelligence, heterogeneous systems, services, multimodality, domotic systems, sensor networks


The main objective in terms of outcomes is the production of the framework. Demonstrators, which were developed during the project cycle, cover many areas such as home automation, multimedia entertainment and collaborative work and games. NAIF is also the subject of several scientific articles presented at international conferences and will be involved in a PhD thesis. More information is available on the website of project.

Website of the project

Project Information

Ongoing project, started in 2009.​