NAMASTEE - Novel Automatic Multimedia Annotation System for Television Experience Enhancement

Technology is changing television practices through integration of computing capabilities and Internet connection. Increasing integration of television and computer technology by combining advanced multimedia processing, semantic web and social networks can move traditional television applications towards richer, sociable, computer-mediated user experiences. Following this observation, the main goal of this project is to improve the automatic multimedia content enrichment process, and the user interaction approach for the next generation televisions. The project will be elaborated in two stages. In the first part, the domain of multimedia management systems, and in particular the video annotation, will be studied. In the second part, work will be focused specifically on the interaction approach between users and TV. The latter part of the project will be based on the results of the first one, with the adding of meta-information to the multimedia content, resulting in a multimedia content "++".


computer vision, automatic video annotation, high level content annotation, multimedia information retrieval, television experience, human computer interface/interaction, emotions


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Project Information

PhD project, elaborated in cooperation with the University of Florence, duration 3 years (2012 - 2014).