Patient engagement in healthcare via self-management is recognized as crucial to improved outcomes for cancer patients. In psychology, resilience refers to a dynamic process encompassing positive adaptation within the context of significant adversity. Individual resilience can be increased by training of professionals and patients living with chronic diseases and thereby positively impact on clinically meaningful outcomes. The RESIL project aims at testing the feasibility and efficacy of two different intensities of an intervention to enhance resilience and to reduce supportive care needs in cancer patients. In this context, new technologies can help to simplify the task of nurses and doctors consisting in following patients’ evolution during the treatment. In this particular project, we built a platform to help nurses collect data about the evolution of patient’s resilience and needs during chemotherapy sessions using smart tablets.


multidisciplinary approach, service design, web application, mobile interface, healthcare


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Project partners: HES-SO, HEdS, Hôpital de Fribourg