SMAC : Smart Multimedia Archive for Conferences

The goal of the SMAC project (Smart Multimedia Archive for Conferences) is to create a tool allowing the acquisition, storage, analysis and consultation of conference archives. The data contained in these archives, made of papers (static documents), slideshows, audio/video files and/or speech transcriptions, will be all aligned, i.e. temporal, thematic, image alignments which will link all the data together. A prototype of the acquisition system will be installed in the conference room of the College for Engineering and Architecture in Fribourg (EIA-FR).


information visualization, information retrieval, semantic web, ontology, search engine, video analysis and segmentation, etc.


Several demonstrators have been developed (see figure below – synchronization among the talk, the slides of the presentation and the video recording).

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Project Information

Ongoing project, financed by CERN, RERO, EPFL, FNS