TEMPO - Tangible EMbodied Personal Objects for Tangible Gesture Recognition

The aim of the TEMPO project is investigating tangible gestures interaction through smart personal objects. Tangible gestures interaction is a new approach to HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) that consists in gesturing with objects. Main research axes include an interaction with a smart watch and a smart pen and a synergic use of both devices in a smart environment. The two smart personal objects will be able to communicate to each other and with the smart environment through Bluetooth, thus allowing combining information detected from the user's hand movements.


tangible gestures, smart personal objects, gesture recognition, human-computer interaction, human-environment interaction


The TEMPO project will study the advantages granted by using personal objects to recognize tangible gestures. Two personal objects, a smart watch and a smart pen, will be developed for this purpose. A demonstrator will be implemented within a smart environment. User evaluations will be done in order to assess the performance of the system and the satisfaction of the user.

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Project Information

Ongoing project, PhD thesis, duration 3 years (2010 - 2013).