VICI: Visualization of Immersive and Contextual Information

The objective of the project is to conceive and realize a portable equipment allowing to enrich the reality by offering to its users targeted information, resulting from the virtual space. These virtual enrichments will permit to the users to travel in this informative space in an intuitive way. They will also be able to interact with this environment by running various modalities. This footbridge between physical objects and virtual space is possible thanks to the exploitation of the augmented reality’s concept.


human-computer interaction, augmented reality, tracking, smart environments, information visualization, etc.


Some applications have been developed, as we can see in the figures below. The first one (Fig.a) is a virtual mailbox. Each « @ » represents an empty message, which can be edited with the voice and then sent by using the virtual mailbox. The other application below (Fig.b) allows visualizing numeric information associated with physical objects (on the left, the web browser and on the right the augmented library). Demos are available on the website.

Website of the project

Project Information

Project was concluded, duration 1 year (2008-2009), financed by the HES-SO.