Web and SharePoint

The WEB team of the College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg is composed of engineers and students, working full- or part-time. The main goal of the team is to provide quality web applications for the administration and visibility of various projects, events or entities through websites.
Ongoing projects:
Besides permanent support of existing websites and web applications, the WEB team is constantly developing new projects. Here is the list of the most important.
Title Description
New website and CMS for the HEdS-FR ​The College of Health of Fribourg currently cooperates with the WEB Service on the creation of a brand new website with a complete CMS. SharePoint WCM is the framework used for this project.
WebEv – Web platform for the organization of events of the EIA-FR ​The WEB service, in cooperation with the committee of administrators, professors and collaborators, is developing a full functional website template with SharePoint WCM. The goal is to provide a set of common functionalities on an event website. A sample website is developed with fully customizable functionalities and design, in order to improve the quality, design and time of creation.
Application and website migration to SharePoint In order to homogenize the information system of the EIA-FR and to provide a better user experience, a number of websites and web applications are currently migrated to SharePoint. The roots technologies are Java (JSP, Servlet) and PHP.
Automated report generation Annual reports of research teams (such as the MISG) are usually highly structured. This project aims to provide an interface that enables researchers to write their own part of the document into SharePoint lists. The developed SharePoint engine then creates the Microsoft Word document, according to a template. This allows people to focus on the content instead of the layout. Thus, the information is distributed and easily editable in a concurrent and shared environment, rather than in a large decentralized document.
Supported applications
Public websites:
Selection of projects that are developed and maintained by the WEB service:
Title URL​ Description
Website and CMS of the College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg​​ www.eia-fr.ch Website of the EIA-FR, with its homemade Java CMS.​
Website and CMS of the College of Business administration​ www.heg-fr.ch Website of the HEG-FR, with its homemade Java CMS.
Website and CMS of the College of Social work www.hef-ts.ch Website of the HEF-TS, with its homemade Java CMS.
Website of the College of Health of Fribourg www.heds-fr.ch Website of the HEdS.
Websites for events organized at EIA-FR



SharePoint websites used by the organizer of events to promote their events and give various information.
Websites of projects
SharePoint websites used by project managers to promote their projects.
Publication management for colleges http://multidoc.hefr.ch Implementation of the system Invenio, used to manage and publish the publications of teams and professors.
Intranet web applications
Selection of WEB applications that are developed and supported by the WEB service:
​Title Description​
Course plan Management of the course sheets, used by EIA-FR administration.​
E-Sondage​ Management of surveys about the quality of education.​
​E-Publisher​ Management of news of the EIA-FR, for the display on the website, intranet and televisions.



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