eForms - electronic forms / ePayment - electronic payment

The goal of this project is to explore the possibilities of use of electronic forms, which would enable citizens to pass their demands and applications addressed to public administration online. Two main types of eForms were used at EIA-FR: eForms-I and eForms-IV. eForms-I are based on PDF files, which can be filled in online and send via secured Internet connection directly to the administration. eForms-IV are based on the open source platform called Orbeon. Contrary to the other format, a web form can be viewed in a web browser without installing any additional software. These forms can be therefore composed dynamically, it is possible to create a form only once and then put the header on a specific administration while calling the form with a special URL. Both forms can be connected to an ePayment system of the Swiss Post Solutions with implementation of different payment methods including payment by mobile phone (value text message).


xForms, web services, eForms-I, eForms-IV, eForms, eGovernment, cyberadmin.ch, Reference eGov CH, Directory eGov CH, SECO, ePayment, Swiss Post Solutions


The result of two bachelor projects elaborated at EIA-FR was an integrated, complete process for ordering and paying a one day fishery patent. This product was later perfected and a start-up company was founded based on this outcome.

Website of the project


Project Information

More information can be found on the website of the company Be-cause, which was founded by EIA-FR former students as a follow-up to bachelor thesis on eForms-IV and ePayment.