eGov Innovation Center: National competence and research pole in eGovernment

Principal objective of the eGov Innovation Center is to develop a new model of an intelligent community (city, village, region), which will be modern, closely related to citizens and innovative. It will provide efficient public services, improve the economic performance and benefit from synergies between different e-government actors thanks to harmonized processes. The Center will adapt the offer of services on demand for all economic and social actors. Provided services will be based on universality rather than on totality. The Center will position itself as an intermediary between private and public actors, therefore enabling the treatment of individual initiatives while simultaneously guaranteeing its compatibility with national strategies.


e-government, e-economy


The Center will aim at offering a multidisciplinary and perennial collaborative platform via the establishment of experimental laboratories developing innovative solutions and networks of development and distribution of products and services. All activities of the Center will integrate in a robust manner social, gender and minority aspects, while taking into account durable and responsible development.

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Ongoing project, duration 2 years (2012 - 2014).